Remember that every business is unique! This means that an IP strategy must also be unique and adapted to the businesses’ individual needs and overall protection strategy. At Hynell we believe it is crucial to use the full range of protection provided by patents, designs, trademarks and domains. So we do not just focus on one area such as patents and overlook the others as many other companies do!

You can build your brand by using patents, trademarks, designs and other IP protection. Working on your brand building proactively by having a sound IP portfolio can gain you an edge in the market. So, applying a complete IP strategy to your whole brand and not just relying on patents will give you the benefit of another layer of extra protection to your patents!

For patents, we at Hynell are not only specialized within traditional Swedish industries such as steel and metallurgy, wood and paper, but we also master other areas of technology including, but not limited to, the fields of biochemistry, organic chemistry, electronics and computing. We can help you to create intellectual property and develop your IP portfolio by offering strategic advice and evaluations.

Our services include novelty searches, competitor surveillance, due diligence, freedom-to-operate opinions and invalidity analysis. Thanks to our well-established partnerships with international specialist search companies, our clients may in return enjoy high quality work at a reasonable cost. Our IP experts can help you to define and protect your inventions and innovations and give you a better market position in return!

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Our patent attorneys can help you define and protect your invention
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