International patent applications

International patent applications

Patent filing PCT

The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is an international agreement allowing you to file a single application in one language and get an international filing date. That means the application is considered as filed in all the PCT contracting states, more than 140, on that date.

A PCT application itself does not lead to a patent, rather to an international search and a written opinion regarding patentability. After that, you decide which countries you wish to proceed with your application. In most cases, you must proceed with your PCT application in an individual country within 30 months of the priority date. PCT application can be submitted promptly through us at Hynell electronically. PRV presents a detailed description of how the process works and how much it costs.

Patent filing USA

Thanks to the use of variety of different agencies with different specialties, we are able to make an appropriate choice of agency depending on the needs and circumstances of our client.

Patent filing China

Contrary to hear sayings the Chinese patent system is well developed, which makes the Chinese patent filings more and more important. Hynell has put a focus on establishing long term relationships with a few well renowned Chinese patent agencies providing high quality at moderate costs.

Patent filing India

Due to the increasing importance of India, we have established cooperation with a number of Indian patent agencies. Further, we have had many years of cooperation with Sumpraxis, an IP service centre in New Delhi, assisting us to deliver express services in a number of fields.

Patent filing Other countries

For more than 37 years, Hynell has worked continuously with building a global network of highly competent agencies to provide for high quality patent filings at moderate pricing in almost any country in the world.

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