Trademark protection

Remember that every business is unique! This means that design strategy must be made unique to individual needs – it is especially important to the overall protection strategy. We, Hynell, believe it is crucial to give full regard to the protection of patents, designs and trademarks. Many companies may focus only on one area such as patents and overlook the others. You can build your brand by using design protection and other temporary protection. If you are proactively working on your brand building, you can get an edge in the market by having a sound IP portfolio. So, if you apply design strategy to your brand, you will enjoy the benefit of having an extra protection in design.

Hynell can help you with filing design applications worldwide. We act as a representative before the Swedish Patent Office PRV, OHIM and the WIPO. Thanks to our well-established network of reputable agencies specialized in design protection around the world, we are able to assist you with filing design application in all countries and you can enjoy high quality of work at moderate cost. Despite the laws in design registration are similar in most countries, there are differences in the formality requirements and protection from country to country. We have the know-how and the tools to make sure that your design is well-protected.

We offer novelty searches as well as competitor watch and invalidity search. Thanks to our well-established partnerships with international specialized agencies, you will benefit from receiving high quality work at moderate cost. Our design experts can help you to define and protect your invention, which can in turn put you in a better market position!

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Our consultants can help you defining and protect you trademark.
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