About trademarks

About trademarks

Why should you apply for trademark protection?

As the supply of both goods and services increases frequently, the brand becomes an increasingly important part of the company. A well-known brand is a major asset and may be a critical factor for success in a highly competitive environment. Registering your trademark in Sweden gives you exclusive rights to your characteristics, which means that no one else has the right to use the trademark in their marketing. The registration is valid for ten years and can be renewed for periods of ten years each. According to PRV (Swedish Patent Office), companies that develop and nurture their brands achieve higher growth and profitability than those that do not.

A trademark can be characterized by any sign capable of being represented graphically, consisting of one or more words, numbers, a figure or any combination of these. A special appearance of a product can also be a trademark as well as distinctive colors, slogans and melodies. Brands that are considered offensive or misleading may not be registered, and it must not contain a land weapon or a geographical indication.

Two fundamental requirements for your brand to be registrable:

  • The trademark must be distinctive.
  • The brand must be available.
  • The invention must be industrially applicable.


Distinctiveness means that your brand will be perceived as a characteristic of a particular good or service. It therefore means that it should be possible to distinguish from other similar goods or services in the market.


With availability, it means that the mark registered does not contravene any other earlier right, which includes both brand name and company registration. The brand must not risk being confused with an existing one in the market.

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